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Sing Milwaukee!

Bar Stories

Funny ha-ha? Or funny ho-ho?

Here is where you will find random stories and reviews of bars that we frequent.  Want us to pop in by you? Email us at




Tonight we decided to go out and sing, so the group hit The Chancery, on 27th street.  WOW. Look at the date.  It never occurred to me that so many people had off of work.  The place was packed!   Craig, the karaoke dude started right on time and had so many requests, only a lucky few were able to song more than once!  It kinda sucked but oh well. We still love The Chancery because they have great food and drink specials.  One word of advice, never sit under the heaters!  We had to ask the manager to turn the heat down three or four times!

Song of the night: HOT IN HERE by Nelly.




Tonight, we visited Ube's Double Vision, on 54th-ish and Burnham.  Yes, it is a West Allis bar, but it was recently sold and renovated.  The best thing about the bar is that the ladies' room is near the exit; so if you need to make a fast get-a-way, just use the "powdering my nose" excuse.  The karaoke setup is different, but really enjoyable.  Pauly (the karaoke dude) is behind the bar.  He has 3 or 4 cordless microphones, and when it is your turn, he'll announce your name and tell you to find a mic.  Let me just say this, you can tell this is a bar that has a few older regulars.  Pauly had to practically beg people to start singing!  Since nobody would sing, and I felt bad for the guy, i put in my two songs and went upstairs (there are pool tables in the basement) to sing.  Even though there is no stage, all eyes were on me.  It was as if these people never saw anyone karaoke before.  And the best part is: I'm not that good! But, it was entertaining.  After that, several of the regulars figured it out, and other people started singing.  But, after I went to finish my pool game, I was beckoned to sing again by a seemingly nice older woman, who happened to be a bit overweight and wearing a halter top and low-cut jeans. I sang I want you to want me, by Cheap Trick and had quite a difficult time doing that because she was rubbing up against me the whole time and there were boobs flying at me from all directions! I was happy to survive the song, and thankful it is a short one!  I did have my friends rolling on the floor with laughter!  All in all, it was a good time with a great bartender, and the bar owners are a very nice couple who has a great little place in West Allis.

Song of the night: HELP! By the Beatles



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