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Sing Milwaukee!

We got the HOOK-UPS!!



Do you like the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me”? Do you like to SING the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me”? Is singing it ALONE in your car just getting too tiring? Well……..

 Welcome to Sing-Milwaukee! The website dedicated to all fellow Wisconsinites that like to sing.  This isn’t American Idol people, this is real South-side Polocks getting up on stage and making a complete ass out of themselves.  Wanna join in?



Well, let me explain.

Karaoke is a Japanese word.  Kara means void or empty; oke comes from the English word orchestra.  So, you’re up there singing some other band’s hits, but without the band.  There is a TV screen that prompts you when to sing, and a stereo system of some sort that plays the background music. It’s kinda like the Disney sing-along videos you used to have when you were a kid!


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?